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January 31, 2011


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This is definitely in my top ten favorite reasons I love living in Asheville! I had a friend who grew up here who put me on... and you're not lying, it's an experience! I scored big time the last time I went... last winter. I got a cashmere and wool trench coat in a camel color that fits like a glove! It was missing a top button but for $50 I would replace all the buttons if necessary! (I found the extra button in the breast pocket!) and I also got a wool and cashmere grandpa type sweater that is so warm you don't need a coat, ever! Its in this rich chocolate color. I heart it so. Oh, and I found both of those on a Sunday!!! Usually when I go, I just wear a camisole and some leggings (even if I wear them under my jeans and sweater) and claim a corner in the room as a changing area. I love seeing the clothes fly and how everyone just picks a box for their discards. You're right though, those discard boxes are gem mines! That is where I found said grandpa sweater. See... look at the length of this comment! Those in the know are passionate about this sale!


I'm so glad you posted this! I always seem to hear about the sale a few days after it happens. This one's going on my calendar right now.


Thank you so much for sharing! I don't live close but it will definitely be something I keep in mind when I am up near that area.


I'm traveling from Durham NC to get to this sale; just experienced the Chapel Hill, NC sale, and I swear - I'M HOOKED on these sales! Can't wait til the end of this month! I'll surely be there with bells on!!! Ringa, linga, ling!!!


Can't make it to the Feb. sale, will you please post the March date when you figure it out!


Well, I'm jealous!!! Of this news re: the sale, and of your ownership of that adorable kitten!


I've heard whisperings of this sale for YEARS but have never gotten the low down til now. Thanks!

Kevin Porter

This reminds me of the episode of Friends when Monica is shopping for her wedding dress at a clearance sale and has to battle the other shoppers. Great article!


I am going to my first sale in August. I am so excited. I invited an acquaintance to come with me, but now I am not so sure. I think I just want go by myself now and do my own thing.


I posted about the two stores that are run by the J. Crew headquarters in Lynchburg, VA (you know, 1 Ivy Crescent?). I gave their addresses, phone numbers, and hours. It's the most popular post on my entire blog and has been for two years! I imagine this post will be the same for you. :)

Happy shopping!


Do you know when the next sale is?? It still says the next sale is Sept 17.


The next sale is October 29th.


I've heard whisperings of this sale for YEARS but have never gotten the low down til now. Thanks!


if the sale this weekend starts at 9 what time would you recommend getting there?

Joan Houston

Hi can somebody tell me when the next big sale is and where it is going to be held


There is a sale the Friday/Saturday (sunday?) after Thanksgiving


Thank you for the post. Will there be a sale in February 2012??

Benjamin Skinner

Getting the sale is a big deal when money is limited. Thanks for the survival tips, it's good to go prepared.

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Wow! Thanks for this info! Totally going to the next sale!


As an employee justed wanted to say thanks for the great reviews and to share.....next sale is April 21 & 22. Go to the Clearance Store and sign up for their email to receive notifications on future sales.

Carlene Schnitzer

The checkout line may be long, but I bet the shoppers didn’t really mind at all! And you’re certain about blogging this big secret? But I see that your consolation is you’re getting updates for future sales.

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