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December 04, 2008


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Heidi Woodruff

Very cute! Thanks! Now, if I'd only stop eating what I made long enough to give thme away (cookies)! Tomorrow is Scrappy Jessi's Cookie Exchange! Virtual...so I CAN eat all my cookies!
Everyday-Cookies.blogspot.com (new)


These are so cute! I'm going to print some out now!


Those are Really cute! Thanks!

Elizabeth Holcombe

I do so love the labels! Thank YOU so much!~~~XXOO, Beth


thanks so much these made me smile! :)

Laurie Beggin of The Looking Glass

How adorable! Thank you!!! I've downloaded them. I'm a big baker!!!


AWW these are SOOO cute! I'll be linking.


Thanks for the download! I'm definitely going to be baking some gifts this year!


eeeee.....these are so cute! thank you so much for sharing :) these are perfect!! i can't wait to use them!


these tags are wonderful.
i set a link to yout posting at my blog.
i hope you agree. if not, please leave a short comment.



Amanda Krueger

Of course I don't mind, thank you so much for the mention!


These are awesome, thank you! I just printed several pages worth and will be using these to attached to the Christmas baskets we're giving out this year.


Thank you! I will use these fantastic tags on Saturday in our Christmas party with some friends! Thanks again! Regards from Barcelona, Spain.

Elizabeth Bento

How generous! Thank you!


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

Coach Factory

Time is not your enemy, forever is.

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